Children and Adolescent Services


Spiritual Care Consultants of West Michigan (SCC) ministers to children and adolescents from ages 5-19.

SCC helps children walk through a healing process from events in their lives that have kept them from living a healthy and joy filled life.  Events from the past are dealt with in a way children understand through the SCC “Heart of Healing” process. Then, “New Pathways” or new ways of thinking tools are introduced to help them remain in a place of wellness in their spirit, soul, and bodies. 

County Teen says Spiritual Care Consultants saved her life!

A childhood marred by several separations from her parents and the haunting self-imposed false belief that she was responsible for her baby brother's death were shattering for Emily. The Barry County girl even attempted suicide during one of the dark times in her young life. Intervening as bright lights in Emily's life were Hastings-based Spiritual Care Consultants (SCC) and her loving grandparents. Emily, not her real name to protect her identity, credits Spiritual Care for
saving her life. (Read Entire Article)


Session Cost

Children and Teen sessions are provided by Spiritual Care Consultants as a free service.  There are no restrictions on the number of sessions allowed as SCC understands that all children require an individualized treatment plan.  



Common FAQ's

Q. Is Consulting Done During School?

A. Yes, depending on your child's school location. Currently, we are working in partnership with Maple Valley School District and Delton Kellogg School District. With these two partnerships, we offer direct SCC consulting during school hours on specific school designated days. To learn more, feel free to contact us direct!


Q. Can parents go into the sessions?

A. Parent(s) are encouraged to be a part of all sessions, including sitting in the room. The parent(s) must consent if the youth or teen asks to see the consultant without the parent(s).


Q. Is art therapy deployed?

A. Art therapy is utilized, primarily with the use of drawing feelings and explaining topics. Older children and teens are offered other means to express themselves, such as journaling.


Q. What happens during a typical session?

A. A typical session is hard to describe as all plans are individualized and depend on the age of the child and issue of concern.  Usually the consultant has another person in session with them to assist as needed. The first session is primarily an introductory session, getting to know the child and allowing time for the child to get to know the consultant. All other sessions are based on the need of the child, following the Heart of Healing process as much as possible.


Q. How long is a typical session?

A. A typical session is 50 minutes.


Q. How is a child referred?

A. Referrals come from doctors, churches, schools, and word of mouth through family and friends.


Q. What costs are covered?

A. Costs are covered through the generosity of corporations, individuals, and churches in the community. Donations are encouraged and appreciated in order to continue this free service.


Q. Will insurance be billed?

A. Insurance billing is not a part of spiritual care at this time.


Q. Teens - is what they say confidential?

A. Everything is confidential in the session, as explained the first session, with the exception of harming yourself, someone else or child abuse. Consent of treatment is explained to both the teenager and parents prior to beginning the first session with signatures required for continuation of service by the parent or legal guardian.


Q. Summary- do parents receive a summary on how their child is doing after each session?

A. Written summaries can be given to parents upon request.


Q. How are children followed up after they are healed, or decide they need to be seen again?

A. Follow up will continue for 3 years per SCC standards or the parent or child can initiate services again through calling the intake number.