Peace Not Panic

At Spiritual Care Consultants, many people come through the door that struggle with high anxiety and panic attacks. As a result of this, we have developed a special tool that we hope will end individual's suffering and give them freedom and peace. “My hope is to see the anxiety and panic come to an end,” said Kragt, who has a doctoral degree in Christian counseling psychology.

With the “Peace Not Panic” CD, individuals may learn how to reduce, control and receive healing from anxiety and panic attacks. One CD in the set focuses on teaching and the other empathizes meditation with soothing deep-breathing exercises and music “to help bring peace to the spirit, soul and body.” The CD enlists the talents of Goodyear, Arizona songwriter Susan Cheatham, a recording artist and worship leader.

As a practicing family physician, Dr. Carlson has encountered numerous patients in need of help when suffering from acute panic attacks and chronic anxiety. “Medications have been used primarily in conjunction with biofeedback measures (deep breathing, meditation, etc.) to assist in the acute and chronic phases of the panic and anxiety. After listening to 'Peace Not Panic,' I realized how beneficial this tool can be for patients. “It allows the brain and its control over the neurochemicals to change the physiology of our breathing, heart rate, and general body awareness removing the physical signs and emotions of panic. People today, more than ever, want to improve their health in natural and non-medical ways due to the side effects and sometimes lack of response to medicines. 'Peace Not Panic' is a great tool that incorporates breathing techniques with healing music that can really help those in need. I am thankful to God for the inspiration for this tool to help others,” Carlson said.

Testimonial: Yes, I love the "Peace Not Panic" CD's.  The first time I listened to them I literally had to pull my car over and park because I felt an overwhelming sense of peace flow through me and I just wanted to listen to the music then.  The breathing exercises are technical tools and skills to utilize anywhere I need to...  Once you internalize the words, stating such as "breathe in Gods peace", "breathe out, stress, worry and anxiety", prepares your mind and body to reset it's state and allow God presence to permeate.  The breathing with out the words, is just breathing...  The words are powerful and the music, is just amazing and comforting.  I will revisit these tapes often.

The Fruition of 'Peace Not Panic'

The idea for the “Peace Not Panic” tool developed, Kragt said, because “I began to see more and more clients in the practice who were dealing with high anxiety and panic. That has become very, very common. People really struggle with this. This is a real issue, and it causes them to go in and out of doctors' offices and emergency rooms all the time. The only thing that's really being able to be done right now is either through counseling or by giving them some type of a medication to help them ­- yet people still aren't getting much better or they are really struggling.

“Last year, I had a chance to go on a special trip to help someone who had high anxiety and extremely high panic attacks. I actually had hands-on experiences when the individual went through about eight panic attacks,” Kragt said. “Through working directly with somebody in the middle of an attack, I began to realize there were some things we could do to begin to control the anxiety and to stop the panic, but it would be hard … After working with this individual, I got an idea for a special tool that would help.

“While I was working on this special project, I enlisted a worship leader who is a songwriter and recording artist. I asked Susan Cheatham if she would help me with this special project that would include deep-breathing exercises with beautiful music. The deep-breathing exercises would continue for about 14 minutes, and then there would be beautiful music behind it. Susan wrote three new songs for the CD, and they are very, very soothing and include a violinist and a keyboardist. It's beautiful, beautiful calming music. She did a great job. We are blessed to have Susan come on board with the project. So, I worked between two recording studios and with her … It took a year to get it done. There is a special prayer at the end of the CD,” he said.

“The deep breathing is slow, and you don't realize the 14 minutes have passed because it's so calming,” Kragt noted.

Cheatham and Kragt met at an event where she was leading worship.

“After the session, Chaplain Gale (Kragt) approached me and told me about a project that he was very excited about that would bring freedom to a lot of people,” Cheatham said. “He then asked me about being a part of this project. He wanted some soaking worship music to minister to those who were having panic attacks. It was a no brainer for me; I wholeheartedly said yes. It is my heart to partner with God on the Earth and see people healed, restored and set free by His love.”

The music for the project “was birthed in God's presence,” she said. “He (God) wants to give life and freedom to the sick, the broken and the hurting; we are not without hope. God wants us to know that He loves us without measure and that whatever we are facing we are not alone.

“In this project my vocals invoke a soothing, healing feeling. They are a vehicle that brings you into God's presence, that allows God to do the work. They lead you to a place of believing and trusting God's goodness,” Cheatham said.

The instrumentalists she chose for the “Peace Not Panic” CD are Joyce Euren, violinist, and Jesus Soto, piano/strings, and Cheatham called them “highly skilled and anointed. They know how to release the gift that God has given them in a powerful way. Their hearts are in tune with heaven to release the love and power of God through sound.”

Cheatham said it was an honor for her to work with Kragt on the project: “His heart to love people and set captives free is contagious. With so many people struggling with anxiety/panic disorders, 'Peace Not Panic' will be a vital tool to heal and bring hope. It couldn't have come at a better time.”

Conquering panic and anxiety was a two-fold combination, Kragt said. “You have to deal with the events that cause the anxiety or the panic to start and get healing from those events. You have to work with the mind, so working with the music and all those different factors are really going to help.”

He encourages people to use the “Peace Not Panic” CD any time of the day or night. Using the CD before going to sleep will help people calm down and be able to control and manage their anxiety, he said.

“A lot of times the anxiety and the panic keep people from sleeping, and then they don't do very well. So if they can use this to fall asleep and reduce the anxiety, it will be a win-win,” Kragt explained.

After purchasing the “Peace Not Panic” CD, he suggests downloading it to a phone, iPod or other electronic device so people can use the CD whenever or wherever they are.

“In fact they should use it even when they are not under anxiety so that when it happens, if they don't have it with them, they can just shut their eyes and do the deep-breathing … It can help them anytime,” Kragt said.

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Purchase 'Peace Not Panic' CD Set

“Peace Not Panic” is available for $18 through Spiritual Care Consultants. Currently, you may come in to our Family Tree Medical Associates building, 1375 W. Green St., Suite #1, Hastings; or people may call SCC to place an order, 269-254-5758.