Help the Hurt Find Healing

When my daughter saw me for the first time after I started going to Spiritual Care Consultants she said with tears flowing down, “I have been praying for this for a long time. I have my mom back.”

She like many people come to us with so little hope because of how they self-medicate. Their own coping mechanisms have only produced more hurt, guilt, anxiety and depression.  This mother mentioned above spent years drinking and her identity was in the people around her and when those people let her down she fell farther into alcohol, depression, self-pity and despair.


But thankfully because of partners like you, she was made aware of God’s amazing love, grace and restoration through Spiritual Care Consultants. The team led her to understand that the hurts she had in her past were open doors to the enemy and that to be free she had to forgive the people involved in the hurts, leave the feelings connected with those hurts at the cross, and ask for forgiveness for the hurt she had caused others out of her own pain, healing the little girl inside. She did this in God’s truth and love from His word.  Now we have brought healing to the entire family seeing all three kids and her husband.



Help the Hurt Find Healing

$100.00 provides a half hour session for two people to go through the heart of healing program.

We would like you to partner with us by clicking on the community you would like to support. Once you have taken that step we would ask that you forward the email or text that you received to your circle of contacts and then follow up with a phone call to make sure they take the time, just like you did to invest in changing someone’s life today.

Hastings Campaign Goal: $300,000.00  

Currently Raised: $106,510.00


Muskegon Campaign Goal: $300,000.00

Currently Raised: $2,645.00


My name is Yolanta and I want the world to hear my story.

“I have been through every inpatient, outpatient, counselor, therapist, and multiple medications over the past 30 plus years.  Spiritual Care Consultants are the first ones who cared for the little girl inside of me.  They wept for her with me.   Today I am healed and there is no one like SCC. As a little girl, I was hiding in fear. I was gang raped in a field by a group of boys. This was not the only time, I was raped by my dad too.  On the farm, where I grew up in Poland, I had to share a bed with a woman worker that molested me for a year.” 

The child became depressed and hidden.  She lived with sickness and torment all of her life. 

“I buried this darkness inside me.  I’ve been treated for demons and multiples.  It was not until I came to SCC, as a grown woman many years later, that I felt the presence of God. I felt safe for first time.  My SCC consultant was the first one who cared, she helped bring the little girl out. Out of that dark, pitch dark place and into the light of forgiveness and healing. She did this in God’s truth and love from His word.