About Us



Welcome to the Spiritual Care Consultants of West Michigan

Spiritual Care Consultants of West Michigan was formed in September 2007 around a Bible study at Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital in Hastings, Michigan. Troy Carlson, M.D., of Family Tree Medical Associates, was expressing a great need that he was seeing within his practice. There were many patients who were having spiritual Issues that were impacting their physical wellness and he did not know what to do. That is when the idea of having a spiritual care consultant in the practice came to be. The need was great because in September 2007 Thornapple Valley Church had done a survey of the Hastings area and found that fifty percent of the people did not attend church, but this did not mean they were not spiritual. With the recent economic challenges and all the people out of work and uninsured, Spiritual Care Consultant’s existence is even more important. With such a great need we felt that this service would be good for not only the physicians’ offices but also, for the corporations in the communities we serve. 


Who We Are

SCC of west Michigan is a healing ministry with Jesus Christ as the chief corner stone. At SCC, you get healing for past memories that are still bothering you today and give you tools such as new pathways / new ways of thinking for your mind, so you can break old cycles and patterns of behaviors that have bothered you for years. We are equipping you to live your life in health and wellness.


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an individual’s short term and long term spiritual care plan. We assist an individual’s physical and emotional recovery by inviting them to experience the SCC healing process and by connecting him/her to faith and strengthening any existing ties between the individual and the church community. We are a support to the medical and corporate community across Michigan and beyond.


Finding help for the whole person

Assessing spiritual needs

Inviting spiritual wellness

Teaching abundant life

Helping the healing process


Our Vision

Transformation of Health and Wellness through Spiritual Care